About Cabot
a divination tool an occult informational platform
a community, a blog, a resource page and much more!
Cabot (bot)

Cabot (bot) offers trusted witchcraft, Occult and spiritualism information. Cabot has brought your divination tools to Discord! You can now divinate with Cabot ~ a divination and occult informational platform. Cabot offers many divination tools to use; Tarot, Runes, 8ball, Crystals, Coins, Fortunes, and many more! Perfect for on-the-go divination and especially for broom closet witches who can't buy or have physical divination tools. We are constantly expanding our info and ways to use Cabot!

Cabot Blogs

Cabot Blogs - is a great way to lean and expand your knowledge on the occult not matter what that specifically may be! Cabot Blogs offers info on herbs, crystals, divination tools, history, religion, paths + more and other sources!!

Cabot API

Cabot API or Application Programming Interface - offers Cabot's database of herbs, crystals, tarot, runes, fortunes and colors for free to developers, software creators or anyone who is creating a digital application and wants access to Cabot's large database.

Cabot Community

Cabot Community - not only is Cabot all of those things, Cabot is also a community, a diverse grand community of occultists, witches, spiritualists and many other from broad backgrounds who have come together to unite, chat and learn all that Cabot offers and to support Cabot on there journey and the communities! Join Cabot's community discord server! Here!